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C.T.M. SRL started up in 2002 and rapidly established as a company specialized in steel structures’ installation, museums’ showcases and setups. It developed then the production and installation of steel grating panels, fences and gates, basing on the founders’ twenty years experience. C.T.M. has a UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certified production’s control system (EA17 sector) and has gained the authorization to EC mark its products in compliance with the EN 1090-1 regulation. Our company provides to produce standard grating panels as well as customized panels, our Technical Department is available to develop every project.

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As a company led by a group of skilled professionals, C.T.M. is able to answer to an increasingly demanding market which is evolving towards more and more complex and complete products. Starting from a perfect match of design, production and assembling, the resulting expertise is a complete, optimized and equally priced product.
From the ready-to-produce designs to preliminaries that we can lead to the executive stage, the C.T.M. Technical Team develops and supplies the workshop and even the installation drawings , detailing the layout, mechanical works, welding processes and surface’s treatment of every item.
C.T.M. supplies welded elements in compliance with the most common welding processes as well as forming the edges; all stages are tested and proven by the production control certificate in compliance with the EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-2 regulation, EXC1-2-3 execution class, EC marking on all
C.T.M. is able to overcome every structural and architectural customized project or guarantee a special or oversize metalworking. Efficiently processing the best engineering field’s solutions is our force.
All products’ original raw material is traced with certificates available on request
The delivery service is operated through our own trucks or major national and local transport companies
Assembling drawings are provided upon request together with a site’s overview in terms of accessibility, manoeuvres areas and facilities.
The on demand pre-assembly service is operated by our trained and qualified staff; this major service avoids additional on site assembly costs, serves as dimensional and drawings’ matching verification
C.T.M. staff is able to install all its products, the on site assembly service is guaranteed by all the national and international accomplished projects; we also provide for an additonal technical counseling to mee tour customers’ needs.

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The museums’ showcases installation has marked C.T.M. expertise on assembling, as well as steel structures, gates, glass facades supporting elements. The highly qualified C.T.M. staff has joyned and installed several projects in some of the world’s most known museums : The Louvre (Paris, France), The Victoria and Albert Museum (London, UK ), The UBC Museum of Anthropology (Vancouver, BC Canada) , The Newseum, Washington DC, USA) , The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City, Missouri, USA) and the MUSE, Science Museum in Trento. Kicked-off on the 27th of July 2013, The MUSE bears Renzo Piano’s signature , one of the most important Italian architects.
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local activities support

C.T.M. supports the Local Santa Lucia’s Skeet Shooting Team, promoting also this Olympic discipline which has brought to our country several medals and contentments.